How to Stay Focused at Work

In today’s time of digital world gradually we are losing track of focused work with too many distractions around in the form of flooding notifications on mobile, social media updates, real time news and so on.

So, it is very important to maintain focus while doing our work and adapt some of the best techniques and tools in order to improve focused working.

To being with 1st Step is, it is very important to start your work day with To-Do-List, spending 20-25 minutes in planning the day before starting the work will help significantly to save time throughout the day and improve your overall productivity for the day.

Once you jot down the To-Do-List, 2nd step is to identify your top 3 work items for the day from the list. These 3 work items should be such that it should cover 80% most important work for the day. Your target should be to finish these 3 work items first, how difficult or challenging it may appear. Our human tendency is, we always try to do easy work first and tend to procrastinate on difficult tasks. Once these top 3 work task that covers 80% of your work value-wise is accomplished, you have already won the battle of focused working for that particular day. Balance less important tasks that contributes to 20% of your work value-wise can be done later-on. You can mark top 3 tasks as A1, A2 and A3.

3rd Step is, to measure your focused work time for the day, for which one can download a very good App from Google play store “FOREST” app. Beauty of this app is one can also get the stats of weekly, monthly and yearly focused work time minutes. Your target for the day should be to at least achieve 5 hours of focused working. Before starting each 1-hour focused work cycle, start a timer on the forest app and start you work. A tree will start growing in forest app while you work for 1 hour, after 1 hour your 1 tree has grown virtually. After that you can take 10 to 15 minutes break, post to which you can again start your 2nd focused work hour cycle and so on. As there is saying, anything that can be measured can be improved.

Above three steps are very effective and easy to implement in your daily work life, hope you like the content of this blog and trust it will certainly help you. To receive such useful blogs in future please subscribe via email under the comments section and click on “Notify me of new posts via email”. To listen directly to my podcast click on Spotify or Anchor.

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4 thoughts on “How to Stay Focused at Work

  1. It’s really sound very effective …I must say that focus is very important in our life …no matter in any field …. would luv to hear more from you dear…thnxx for sharing bro 😍😍 keep it up n congratulations for your first blog …you nailed it really


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