Ways to Contribute to Society

The need to Contribute is to give beyond yourself.

Giving is the # 1 Abundance Multiplier.

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  2. Why Responding is Important
  3. How to Live in the Moment
  5. Ways to Contribute to Society

There are many ways in which we can fulfill our need for contribution, go by your heart, select the ways which gives you strong feeling of satisfaction of contributing and most importantly brings smile on your face and smile on the face of receiver too.

Some of the Key ways to contribute are by doing Donations, Charity Work, Volunteering, Commenting, Giving replies, giving time to others, etc.

Donations to religious institutions.

Do Charity to the best of your abilities, Charity in the form of giving small small financial help to your office boy, security guard, car cleaner and so on. Giving them sweet or good food on special or auspicious days. Develop a mindset to do charity each week.

One of the another excellent way to give back to society is by Planting trees, spreading awareness or sharing online.

Giving Tips and not asking for the change is another way of contributing.

Helping Friends and People around you and Educating Others.

Along with contributing to society, last and most important thing is to contribute towards your own self. Do include your personal well being while you contribute for others.

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