Time Management

As they say, time waits for none…so I decided to write a blog post on Time Management which I am sure will add value to your life.

Time is the most precious and the limited resource and hence one should use it wisely and effectively.

Since our childhood many a times we feel that we could get more than 24 hours a day but the fact of the matter remains everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and how one manages that time is the only differentiating factor between yourself and others.

Despite knowing the essence of time, we somehow knowingly kind of procrastinate and delay the things for a later date and that is how we at times miss to achieve more than what we could have achieved in our life.

As we grow-up and by the time we actually realize all the concepts related to effective time management we than feel that if we could go back and reverse the time cycle of our life and bring back those years which are already gone. But as we all know, that is not possible but the only option left with us now is to stay positive and utilize the time available for the rest of your life with the maximum outputs.

Therefore, effective time management plays a very crucial role in measuring your time and achieving your personal and professional goals in the life.

For anything to get improved it needs to be measured, so we should measure the pattern throughout the day on which tasks or the areas of our life we are spending most our time and before the end of that particular day one should introspect as to whether time spend on that task or the area was in the right direction and in sync with your aspirations to meet your set personal and professional goals. If not, one should see the ways how to channelize the time in the right direction so as to optimize the time.

Many a times we may not have the day as per our expectations and we may end of doing the tasks which we never expected or the tasks which came to us from others or the tasks which we are supposed to do for others, but that’s perfectly alright, as no day can be picture perfect, it’s always a mix of ups and downs. So, the key is to take one day at a time on its merits and treat it with due respect, your strength is how you bounce back on the next day and again start focusing on your goals.

Meticulously planning, jotting down each and every thing, staying focused, setting goals, breaking down goals into small measurable and achievable steps, measuring focused hours in a day, introspecting each day before going to bed, reflecting upon each month and plotting a graph of how your entire year went month-wise are some of the key useful tools on effectively managing your time.

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